Ariana Grande Allegedly Turning Into A Diva


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Ariana Grande is known for her sweet personality, but could all of that just be for show?

According to, Grande has turned into a little diva and if the media can get her to agree to an interview, she comes with a list of demands.

Grande recently talked with several media outlets from Australia but demanded that she not be questioned about her relationships, past and present, Mariah Carey, Jennette McCurdy, Justin Bieber or the death of her grandfather.

She has also been accused of being picky about her photos and hard to please at photo shoots.

Sources for claim that when Grande arrives at photo shoots she presents the photographers with a list of rules and details of things they are not allowed to do when photographing her.

Photographers are not allowed to use natural light and can only shoot her from the left side of her face.

mX Newspaper had a similar experience and claimed that after they finished photographing Grande, she wanted to look at the photos and then criticized each one. If she didn't like one, she would ask the photographer to delete it. She also complained the whole time because she didn't like how her top looked or fit.

When she disappeared during the photo shoot for over 20 minutes, the magazine assumed she went to change the shirt. When she finally came back, her people demanded that the magazine delete all of the photos taken during the shoot.

Grande defended herself saying that the source making the claims was "Just a photographer or something who got mad at me because I left to change my outfit mid photo shoot because I didn't like my top. I was like, 'Oh, I'll be right back!' and then I came back and he had left."

"And then he came out and said all these ridiculous untrue things about me," she continued. "I was like, 'That's not real. That's nonsense!'"

There haven't been a lot of complaints about Grande so far, but she is young and has plenty of time to perfect her diva skills. Seems like she is already off to a pretty good start.