Are You Ready To Enter The Secret World?

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While Guild Wars 2 may be hogging all of the attention in the MMO space, there is one other high-profile MMO that deserves your attention - The Secret World. The long-in-development MMO is one with lofty goals. It aims to completely destroy any preconceptions you may have had about the MMO genre and replace it with something entirely unique.

What makes The Secret World so interesting is that it's completely different from what we're used to seeing. All the trappings of the stereotypical MMO are gone as the game has progression system that isn't based on levels or classes. The setting is wholly unique as well with it being based in the modern day with three clans vying for control - the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars.

The Secret World is the second major MMO that EA has been involved with in the past year with Star Wars: The Old Republic launching late last year to much acclaim. Unfortunately, it's now losing players left and right with BioWare scrambling to add more content to keep players paying a premium subscription.

The Secret World will have to overcome the same obstacles as it asks players to pay a monthly fee to remain in the game's world, but it definitely fits a niche that no other MMO can fill. It also has the potential to get new players in the fold, those who disregard WoW and every MMO like it as boring or devoid of innovation.

That's all stuff we can think about in the future though. For now, enjoy the launch trailer for The Secret World. You'll gain some insight into the three groups you can join and the monsters that they fight against. It's looking super slick and I would probably try it out if it were free-to-play. Oh well...

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