Are Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne Really Through?


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A lot has been going on in Elizabeth Hurley's world these days. Her professional life has been pretty hectic and stressful with jet-setting overseas and preparing for her upcoming pilot role on 'The Royals.' However, the stressful end of it all probably has absolutely nothing to do with her profession. After a two year engagement, the “Gossip Girl” actress confirmed the decision that was made to call it quits with her beau, world-renowned cricketer, Shane Warne.

Hurley arrived in New York City last Friday just days after speculation began to float around about the broken engagement. However, it wasn't until Wednesday that news of the break up went viral as a result of an evasive, yet cryptic, tweet she posted on Twitter.

Her statement was, indeed, loaded. For anyone who didn't think the tweet had an underlying reference in regards to her relationship, Shane Warne basically confirmed the speculation. Less than an hour after her tweet, he posted an evasive message of his own. Warne didn't confirm or deny the breakup, simply referring to the insinuating tabloids as “absolute rubbish.” The Aussie also made it clear that his persistence is in high gear, as he isn't “throwing the towel in yet.” The man's determination is definitely admirable. But, the tweet wasn't the only display of his affection. Hoping a flight to London with his three kids, in hopes to save his waning relationship is definitely the sign of determination. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem things are working in his favor. As he arrived in London, she conveniently flew back to New York.

When Hurley was seen in New York City today, she appeared quite optimistic with no evident signs of emotional strain. However, her engagement ring was nowhere in sight. Rumors speculate that the demands of their careers are taking a toll on their personal relationship. "The constant travel and work commitments for both Elizabeth and Shane are taking their toll. They have not been able to spend much time together, but they are going to try and work things out."


Image via Wikimedia Commons