Apple vs. Samsung Judge Urges Settlement

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The judge presiding over the Apple vs. Samsung patent war trial today urged both companies to make one last effort to settle the matter before a verdict is handed down in the case.

According to an All Things D report, Judge Lucy Koh stated that she sees risk for both Apple and Samsung if the jury reaches a verdict. She cheekily commented that if the companies were simply showing off their tablet and smartphone patents, then the message had been delivered. All Things D quotes Koh as saying, "It's time for peace."

The two companies have agreed to a telephone meeting, but nothing more. Samsung and Apple already met once this year to try and settle the matter out-of-court, but were unable to come to an agreement.

The Apple vs. Samsung legal battle began over one year ago, when Apple sued Samsung for violating its patents. Apple claims Samsung's Galaxy S II smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet violate Apple design patents for the iPhone and iPad. Samsung promptly countersued, claiming Apple violates its patents on some wireless technologies.

The lawsuits have created some truly bizarre moments, such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 being banned from sale in the U.S. and Apple being ordered to place ads stating that the Galaxy Tab isn't a direct rip-off of the iPad. Meanwhile, both companies have been rapidly consolidating the smartphone market.

During the trial this week, Samsung argued that the patents Apple is claiming it violated are invalid, due to tablet designs that existed before Apple applied for its patents. All Things D reports that closing arguments for the trial are scheduled for next Tuesday. The trial could lead to large fines for both companies or could lead to a number of each company's patents being declared invalid.