Apple Is Working On Larger iPhones, iPads [Report]


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A rumor emerged last week that Apple had delayed the public unveiling of the iPhone 5S so that it could implement a larger display at the last minute. Now a new report suggests that Apple is considering larger displays for all of its devices.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple's Asian suppliers are currently testing larger displays for the company's devices. To be more specific, Apple is testing iPhone display sizes larger than 4-inches, and it's also looking into a 13-inch display for the iPad.

These devices will probably not see the light of day this year, or anytime soon for that matter. The WSJ is quick to point out that Apple is only testing these new display sizes. There's no word yet on whether or not Apple actually wants to make a larger iPhone or iPad.

Of course, a larger iPhone is far more feasible than a larger iPad at this point. It's been rumored for months now that Apple would be introducing a larger iPhone in 2014. Many point to increased competition from Samsung and its larger screens as the leading cause behind Apple's decision to increase the display sizes of its own devices.

What's interesting about this latest report, however, is that it shows an Apple that might start offering more than one display size. Instead of alienating one consumer base in favor of another, Apple might try to be like Samsung and offer a display size for every need. What this means is that we might soon see an iPhone that's offered in both 4 and 5-inch variants.

As for the iPad, it's hard to see Apple going for a 13-inch display just yet. The WSJ's supply sources confirmed just as much by saying that the new iPad will remain at 9.7-inches. The only difference between the new and old iPad is that the new one will be thinner, and use touch sensors with a thin film instead of glass for the display.

All of this doesn't change the fact that we're going to see a new iPhone and iPad this year. Like usual, we'll be seeing the new iPhone first with its launch reportedly set for August. Production on the new iPad has just started to ramp up this month so we'll probably not see new tablets from Apple until September or October.