Appendix Lawsuit: Doctor Forgot To Do The Obvious


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You know, stress and busy schedules happen to us all. In the process of juggling day-to-day responsibilities, it's highly likely that there are things that have been unintentionally forgotten at some point in our lives.

However if the the claim behind this lawsuit is true, it may be the ultimate version of, "You had one job."

A New York investment banker named William McCormack needed his appendix removed. A surgery date was scheduled and then he underwent an appendectomy.

Dr. Michael Kerin performed the operation and McCormack left Lawrence Medical Center in Bronxville, N.Y. feeling like a new man. This is amazing considering that Kerin screwed up big time.

Fourteen months after the original surgery took place, McCormack underwent a second surgery at Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake for what he thought was an unrelated medical ailment. A second doctor took a look at McCormack's enlarged appendix and decided that it needed to come out pronto.

Imagine the confused expression on McCormack's face when he read the surgery report and saw that he'd had an appendix removed...again.

The 43-year-old man did not peg himself as somehow walking around with a second appendix in need of removing and immediately hit Lawrence Medical Center and Kerin with a lawsuit.

“Dr. Kerin, as a surgeon, he should’ve known what an appendix looks like," McCormack’s attorney Mitchell Baker said to CBS 2.

Kerin did not simply open up McCormack and sew him back up again; something was indeed removed from the patient. The object has been described as a three centimeter "yellowish mass".

The mass looked absolutely nothing like the appendix that was in need of removal. Kerin either was having the off day to end all off days or perhaps he needs a refresher course in human anatomy.

There is no comment as of yet from the hospital or surgeon, but then what the hell can you say after something like this?


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