Anti-Google Graffiti In NYC Isn't Your Normal Google Doodle

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Google gets quite a bit of notoriety for their Google Doodles, but this is one particular Doodle that they will likely not be so proud of.

According to Jeff Roberts of paidContent, graffiti of Google's logo has been showing up around New York City with one very shaming alteration: the two Os in "Google" have been replaced by surveillance cameras. The photo below is the picture of the graffiti that Roberts shared earlier today.

Roberts notes that the logo hasn't existed at that particular location longer than few weeks and that this bridge seems to attract "tech-themed street art" so it's unclear if this is a direct reply to Google's changes to their Privacy Policy or just general discontent aimed at the company. Regardless, whenever a company starts to share the same wall of shame as SOPA (see the message scrawled to the right of the logo), it's a reliable sign that people are decidedly angry with you.