Anonymous Threatens Vic Toews Again

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The war between Vic Toews and Anonymous over Bill C-30 isn’t over just yet, even if the bill was put on hold for the time being.

Anonymous posted a new video today calling attention to a report from CBC News detailing the story of a former Liberal Research Bureau employee who used Twitter to attack Vic Toews. The Twitter handle was called Vikileaks and it was used to leak potentially embarrassing information on Toews, the creator of Bill C-30.

It seems that the creator of Vikileaks has now been called before a Parliamentary ethics committee over “his use of House of Commons resources in order to conceal his anonymous public attacks on a Member of Parliament.”

The original Vikileaks account was taken down, but four more have sprung up including @VikileaksMirror. The account is being used to save all the tweets made by the original account.

In response, Anonymous have started a new campaign targeting Vic Toews and what they say is his and the Canadian government’s attempt to silence protest through social media. In retaliation, Anonymous is asking people to send them any incriminating information they may have on Toews.

In what may be a more interesting development, Anonymous says that they will release some new information on Toews in 24 hours. The video was posted yesterday so we’ll see if they follow through on their threat today.

This isn’t the first time Anonymous has gotten involved with the Bill C-30 protests. When the bill was first introduced, Anonymous started a campaign that would seek to reveal all incriminating information on Toews. He responded by saying that any information Anonymous could possibly have on him was already in the pubilc domain, including his widely publicized divorce.

We’ll update this story if Anonymous follows through on their threat. Until then, here’s the new video explaining the current situation:

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