Anni Dewani: Husband Cleared Of Murder To Family's Outrage

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Anni Dewani was murdered in South Africa while on honeymoon with her husband in 2010, and this week, her husband was cleared of any involvement in her shooting. Her family says they believe justice has not been served.

Shrien Dewani, a British businessman whose alleged involvement with male prostitutes has raised issue with Anni's family, claims he had no part in the hijacking of the couple's taxi the night she was shot to death, and a judge agrees, saying that the prosecution's witness's story was "riddled with contradictions" and that there was not enough evidence to provide a reasonable doubt regarding Dewani's claims.

"Today we feel as a family that the justice system has failed us and we are deeply disappointed," said Anni Dewani's sister Ami Denborg. "We came here looking for answers and we came here looking for the truth and all we got was more questions. We waited patiently for four years to hear what really happened to Anni and to hear the full story of what happened to our dearest little sister. All we wanted was to hear all the events and the hope of actually finding that out has kept us, as a family, going. Unfortunately we believe that this right has now been taken away from us."

Dewani was chased by the media at the airport after he was released on Monday, reportedly boarding a first-class flight to the UK with his family.

"He looked quite at ease. He had a quick chat with the pilot when he passed through the cabin. His brother and sister-in-law all sat toge‎ther in one group," a passenger reportedly told The Daily Mail.

Anni's family reportedly feel there are grounds for a lawsuit against Dewani for not revealing his sexual preferences to his wife before they married and allowing them to pay for the expensive event, though it has not been confirmed that a suit is pending.

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