Anne Hathaway Takes On Claire Danes' Crying Face

Amanda CrumLife

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Anne Hathaway hosted this weekend's SNL, and though the episode has gotten mixed reviews--some called it "plodding" and a "disappointment" after the huge election week--the "Les Miserables" actress hit several high spots during the night, including taking on an emotionally unstable character from the Showtime hit "Homeland".

Claire Danes, who found stardom--and her sad face--on the '90s show "My So-Called Life", often displays her famous crying visage on her new show, a cop drama. Hathaway nailed the chin-trembling, total devastation that Danes has become famous for, earning several of the night's laughs on the sketch comedy show.

The skit also skewered some of the other characters, such as Brody, his tiny mouth, and his teen daughter, who randomly wanders in and out of CIA headquarters.

Amanda Crum
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