Anne Hathaway Makes a Statement with Poop

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Anne Hathaway took out her frustration with the paparazzi by leaving a bag of her dog's poop on the windshield of one photographer's car.

While out walking her dog Esmerelda on Dec. 26, a photographer started following the duo. Well, the 31-year-old actress just wasn't having it anymore.

Many a celebrity has had a run-in or two with the intrusive photographers and each seems to handle a bit differently.

So what did the Les Miserables star do to get even?

No, no punches.

Nope, she didn't break his camera.

After cleaning up after her pooch, she just calmly left the bright yellow bag of her doggie's doo on the paparazzo's windshield.

Got to like her creativity!!

Here's a clip of her talking about her feelings about the paparazzi.

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