Anne Hathaway Gives Up 'Disgusting' Smoking Habit For A Second Time

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Anne Hathaway has given up smoking — for a second time.

The Les Misérables star told The New York Times Magazine that she has struggled over the years with a smoking habit.

The first time Hathaway, 32, got hooked was in 2008 when she was filming the Oscar-nominated Rachel Getting Married, in which she played an addict.

She gave it up for a while, only to pick the habit back up for a second time.

"I've quit," she told the magazine after quitting for a second time. "I got hooked for a few years."

"I had a four-year break, and then actually when I was producing Song One, I started smoking again," she said. "It’s easy to romanticize it when you haven’t done it in a while, but it’s actually pretty disgusting."

She said she is thrilled to be rid of those "disgusting" cigarettes, however, the Interstellar actress said she has nothing against e-cigs.

"I don’t judge the vape," she admitted. "I know some people who used to be three-pack-a-day smokers, and I’d much prefer them having the vape. I don’t want to give them any excuse not to vape."

Hathaway also admitted that she has another New Year's Resolution, although she hesitated to mention it.

"I have one, but I don’t want to mention it because it’s scaring me," the Oscar-winning actress said. "And it has nothing to do with pregnancy. But it’s not because of a problem. It’s just because why not: I’m going to really prioritize my health this year and not drink, at least not in January. I want to take a month off."

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