Anna Paquin's Rogue WILL Appear in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

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Before Anna Paquin became Sookie Stackhoue in the popular HBO melodrama True Blood, the actress made a name for herself playing Rogue in Marvel's X-Men movie adaptations. Now it appears that Paquin will be back in action as Rogue next month in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

After spotting Paquin's name in the credits of the recently released final Days of Future Past trailer, BuzzFeed has confirmed that Paquin's Rogue will appear in the film. The publication confirmed what is being called "a cameo" with a 20th Century Fox representative.

Paquin's appearance in the film is noteworthy because it was reported last December that her character had been cut from Days of Future Past. The film's director, Bryan Singer, told Entertainment Weekly at the time that Paquin's only scene had been cut. Singer stated that the scene was "extraneous," but comforted fans by assuring them that the scene will likely be seen in the movie's eventual DVD and Blu-ray release.

News of Paquin's re-inclusion spread quickly through social media. Fans on Twitter voiced both joy and outrage at the new decision:

In addition to the confirmation that Rogue is back, a Vulture report today provided even more details about Days of Future Past. In addition to big names such as Patrick Stewart's Professor Xavier and Halle Berry's Storm, the report claims that three more mutants from the original movies will make an appearance, but that naming them would constitute a major spoiler for the new movie.

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