Anna Paquin: Being Bisexual is Still Meaningful


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Anna Paquin says that, despite being married to and expecting a baby with her "True Blood" co-star Stephen Moyer, being bisexual is still "meaningful" to her. That's good to know. The last time I checked, getting married and popping out a kid doesn't mean you have to renounce your bisexuality. Unless, of course, there's a clause in the marriage certificate I haven't been made aware of. If so, all apologies, folks. I had no idea.

In a recent interview with Zooey magazine, the star of the smash HBO series discussed the PSA that caused all of the controversy surrounding her sexuality. After tying the proverbial knot with Moyer, Paquin participated in a public service announcement called "Give a Damn", in which the actress boldly proclaims that she's bisexual. She's joined in the clip by Elton John, Wanda Sykes, Cyndi Lauper, and Whoopi Goldberg, among others.

"I think it’s a really minor biographical detail," Paquin explains. "If you’re going to talk about some cause in a way that’s meaningful, you should identify why it means something to you."

Paquin went on to discussed what being bisexual meant to her. "For me, it’s not really an issue because I’m someone who believes being bisexual is actually a thing. It’s not made up," she said in the Zooey interview. "It’s not a lack of decision. It’s not being greedy or numerous other ignorant things I’ve heard at this point. For a bisexual, it’s not about gender. That’s not the deciding factor for who they’re attracted to."

Good for her. You can catch Paquin and Moyer in season five of "True Blood" when the series returns on June 10th. The "Give a Damn" PSA resides below.