Anna Kendrick Wins SNL With Dong Song


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It’s no surprise that Anna Kendrick provided a much needed breath of fresh hilarity to Saturday Night Live last night. In anticipation of her hosting gig, I may or may not have recently (re-re-re) watched Pitch Perfect, a film many call a guilty pleasure and I just call an embarrassing-to-admit-to-my-cool-friends pleasure, and was again reminded of the brilliant comedic timing of Kendrick, even with subpar material (sorry, writers of Pitch Perfect).

While Kendrick shines throughout last night’s episode, the skit I (and everyone who has figured out how to post videos on Facebook) am drawn to is “Dongs All Over the World,” which has no doubt put dongs all over you feeds today. And for good reason – the music video is classic SNL spoof while adding a special ingredient often absent from other SNL parodies: truth (insert sound of MINDS BEING BLOWN here).

While a little trite, and a little late (perhaps a better moment for the release of this short was in 2001 when Ludacris dropped his beloved single “Area Codes,” a genuine and touching piece about the various cities where the singer/rapper hast banged the ladies), the theme of the skit still rings true waaaaaay up here in 2014.

It’s a theme that, no matter how many gender studies classes you audit and rants from Kathleen Hanna you watch on YouTube, will never fail to surprise and infuriate. It’s a concept as old as feminism (and feminism, as we all know, is ANCIENT. Have you seen photos of the original suffragettes? Yikes): Why can men express their desire to have hos in every area code (copyright: Luda) in the sincerest of ways (well, at least I think Luda is sincere) and we only notice how hypocritical and ridiculous this concept is when we see a gif of Anna Kendrick kneeling by a male pelvis, belting the soon-to-be-classic line “Destroy the dong”?

It all comes down to the reason we are laughing. On a certain level, it’s because the lyrics are smart and funny and the SNL women are super talented. But LET’S DIG DEEPER. It’s because it's unheard of for a woman to sing about dongs in the same way our bathing-suit areas are sung about/talked about/treated by mainstream artists and most of your male neighbors and friends. Not only because nice ladies aren't supposed to actually enjoy bangin' the bros, but because it would reduce men to role of vaginal suppository, which is evil/wrong/ludicrous (heyyooooo). It's fine for women to take on this role (and we best be thankful), but society (and the music/film industry) does not take kindly to men being objectified in the same way.

The entire concept is depressing, which is why I’m glad it was Anna Kendrick reminding me this double standard ain’t going anywhere. How could I be mad when a face like this exists?

It’s impossible as achieving equality amongst the sexes! You try!

Image via YouTube