Anna Kendrick On How George Clooney Helped Her

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Anna Kendrick opened up recently about her Up In The Air costar George Clooney, whose weekend marriage to Amal Alamuddin in Italy has been making headlines as fans clamor for photos. While the superstar actor and his new bride drew huge crowds with their nuptials, Kendrick says he's really just a regular guy.

The Pitch Perfect actress recently told Marc Maron during an interview for his podcast that she was very conscious of who she was playing opposite in the film and was nervous to do her scenes with him, but then he opened up a conversation with her in a relatable way.

“'Do you get nervous? I get nervous,'" he said, according to Kendrick. “The smallest thing, but [it] just opened up my whole world. He probably does that for everybody… Just a couple words from him, and you’re like, ‘Omigod, he’s a person and I’m a person! We’re the same!’ There was a day when I was really in my head about a scene we were about to do, and he was throwing Nerf footballs around, intentionally kind of hitting me. At the time, I was genuinely like, ‘Bro! I’m trying to get in the scene!’ But it was like, ‘You need to snap out of it a little bit.’”

Kendrick's name has been in the headlines recently as well after hackers allegedly stole photos from her phone and leaked them online. Although her pictures reportedly don't include any nudes, having her privacy violated might have spooked her a bit; she hasn't posted on Twitter since the beginning of the month.

The first wave of leaked celebrity nudes and private photos didn't include the actress, much to the relief of her brother, who texted her about it.

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