Anna Kendrick Not Interested In Prince Charming

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Anna Kendrick steps into gold slippers to play Cinderella in the movie Into the Woods, and subsequently nails it.

But the real-life Anna Kendrick isn't so keen on finding her Prince Charming.

On a recent airing of Good Morning America, the Pitch Perfect starlet dished on her views of true love and fairy tale endings.

"I've never really gone for the razzle-dazzle types, no quarterbacks, no flashy guys and no Prince Charmings. Chris Pine’s version of Prince Charming is so funny, and so on-point, and very much all style and no substance," she said of her co-star.

Anna Kendrick continued, "A [date] once picked me up in a Mustang and he was leaning on the hood of it. He was waiting for me and I was inside my apartment, looking out the window, thinking 'Oh, this is going to go terribly.'"

Like kids at Disneyland. Photo cred: the great Chris Pine. #OneDayToIntoTheWoods

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And I'm sure it did.

Anna Kendrick then proceeded to lay down some sage advice to those looking for love in this mixed-up world.

"The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy who finds it amusing to make you uncomfortable, which is more common that you’d think, is someone you want to avoid."

Truer words of advice were never spoken.

As far as love goes, she isn't taking any advice from her divorced parents.

The ITW wardrobe team painted some sneakers gold for stunt shots. I loved them so much. #FiveDaysToIntoTheWoods

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"They taught me that staying together for the kids is the wrong approach. It perpetuates this warped idea of what a healthy relationship looks like," she said of their broken marriage.

Oh, well. I'm sure Anna Kendrick will find love someday!

What do you think about her outlook on love and relationships? Agree or disagree?

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