Anna Kendrick Just Loves Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively!


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Anna Kendrick has absolutely no problem with giving credit where it's due which is why she recently had such great things to say about actor Ryan Reynolds and his lovely wife Blake Lively.

According to E! News, the 28-year-old actress stopped by the 2014 Sundance Festival over the weekend. The publication received an exclusive from Kendrick in regards to some of her upcoming projects. The actress dished about her latest film The Voices which she stars in with Safe House actor Ryan Reynolds. The stunning brunette had nothing but great things to say about the Canadian actor.

"He's an absolute dream to work with. He's so talented and he's playing a really odd character," she shared. "He's playing an really odd character," she continued. "He is not all there all the time, and its amazing how as an actor he can be so present and so giving to all the other actors even though he's playing this character who's not always in touch with reality."

Although she loves the handsome comic book, superhero actor, she is in awe of his gorgeous wife Blake Lively. Kendrick immediately lit up with wonderful remarks about the 26-year-old actress.

"She's just heaven! She's so kind and so stylish," Kendrick gushed. She continued to dote on Lively's unique style and keen sense of fashion.

"Every time I would see her wear a new nail polish color, I'd be like, ‘I'm going to wear green nail polish like her!' But then, damn, it doesn't make me look like Blake Lively. So close!" she quipped.

Kendrick and Reynolds are currently filming The Voices. The Marjane Satrapi-directed film centers around a mentally disturbed factory worker who hears voices coming from his dog and cat. Complications arise when he becomes implicated in the accidental death of a co-worker in the comedic crime horror thriller.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on October 3, 2014.

Image via Wikimedia Commons | Anna Kendrick