Anna Kendrick Has A Hard Time Making Decisions

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Anna Kendrick is an exceedingly successful actress and singer, but it seems the tiny talent sometimes has a hard time making decisions about her future.

Anna Kendrick said she does a lot of second-guessing when it comes to life's decisions.

Anna Kendrick said this problem has its perks, but sometimes she wishes she could be more straightforward.

She said, "It does make me more open to considering other people's ideas."

Anna Kendrick continued, "But sometimes I do wish I was as straightforward as a man. Men are much better than women at trusting their instincts. We think it's our responsibility to see everything from all these different angles and then we go and ask our mother and our friends. I could really do with a bit more self-confidence."

Couldn't we all? Besides Anna Kendrick seems to have made, at least mostly, some pretty good decisions.

However, when Anna Kendrick just can't seem to nail down the right answer, she does have her ways of dealing with it.

Anna Kendrick said, "I used to bake a lot. That requires my full attention, even more so than cooking, because you have to be very precise."

She continued, "I just switch my brain off when I bake. All I have to worry about is things like, 'How much brown sugar and how much white sugar do I need?' Unfortunately I'm a bit out of practice. These days, I'll put on a film I know word for word, like Al Pacino's Dog Day Afternoon, and I clean the whole house."

Sounds like a pretty brilliant plan for dealing with indecision.

Could Anna Kendrick's next decision be whether or not to star in Pitch Perfect 3?

Pitch Perfect 2 hasn't even opened yet, but Rebel Wilson reportedly let the cat out of the bag on the third movie. There is no word yet on whether Anna Kendrick will be starring in it.

What do you think? Are you already excited about the prospect of a third Pitch Perfect starring Anna Kendrick?

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