Anna Faris, Chris Pratt Have This Relationship Thing Figured Out

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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are a young, busy couple with a toddler, but that doesn't stop them from thinking about their relationship. Pratt recently told People Magazine that they specifically focus on one another when they can so as not to get distracted by their careers and parenthood. For a lot of moms and dads, he says, it's easy to forget about each other when you have a little person depending on you every hour of the day.

"Anna's parents come down and they'll give us the night to do something and the morning to sleep in. I think it's important to carve those times out no matter what you do for a living. A lot of times, people focus so much on their kids, and then when their kids leave the nest, they look at their spouse or partner like they're a stranger," Pratt said.

The couple certainly seem to have things figured out. While Faris works on her hit sitcom Mom, Pratt is working on becoming a huge action star in films like Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World. To earn the roles, he went through a transformation from his slightly chubby Parks And Recreation character, and although fans think he just got hotter, he says Anna loved him the way he was before, too.

“She was so okay with it. Probably in many ways preferred me that way. I think I was outwardly having more fun. I was more fun to be around, probably. That image that I was casting, to convince people that I was okay, was a really fun person to hang around. Now I have less fun. I focus more. She doesn’t get to cook for me the way she used to. I was like a great pet fat guy," Pratt said.

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