Anna Faris and Celebrities Are Deeply Hurt by Mean Tweets

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To commemorate Twitter's sixth anniversary Jimmy Kimmel arranged for several celebrities including Will Ferrell, Jamie Bell, and Anna Faris to read tweets that make fun of them.

Jimmy Kimmel opened the sequence by saying, "One of the interesting things about Twitter is that it connects celebrities to their fans and vice-versa. Many celebrities actually do the Tweeting themselves which means pretty much any time you like, you can send a message to them, and unless it's someone like Justin Bieber who has 18 million followers, they will probably read it. Your message goes directly into their computer or into their pocket which can be good and it can also be bad."

He continued the dialogue by stating that his show enjoys focusing on the bad and the string of celebrities shared how they are being picked on.

Kevin Nealon's tweet said that "he sucked big fat balls," and the former SNL member nodded and said, "that's true."

Another person pointed out that if you changed the "i" to a "t," Anna Faris would become Anna Farts. The queen of the Scary Movie franchise thought that this was interesting.

The comical tweet centered skit left Kristen Bell feigning that she was worried about being pretty enough while Will Arnett questioned if he looked like the cartoon version of Dracula or Dracula Dracula? Was it because of my hair line or my teeth he wondered?

The skit was so well received that fans want this to become a weekly segment.

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