Anna Elisabet Eberstein Had Hugh Grant's 3rd Baby

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Anna Elisabet Eberstein is apparently the second woman with whom actor Hugh Grant fathered a child within the past 15 months. This third baby was born more than a year ago, and the situation only came to light when Grant recently named himself as the child's father on the birth certificate this past December. Ebserstein is a Swedish television producer.

53-year-old Grant has gone from having no children to fathering three babies in just over a year--and there's a catch, too. It seems Eberstein was pregnant with his child at the very same time his girlfriend Tinglan Hong was pregnant, too--with his second child. Hong gave birth three months after Anna Elisabet Eberstein. She had his first baby back in 2011.

It seems the Notting Hill actor has been making up for lost time--and is getting around very nicely for a man in his fifties. He appears to be taking care of (at least financially, anyway) his children and their baby mamas. About a month before Eberstein gave birth to his son she moved into a very pricey London mansion apartment. She is named as the sole owner on the deed. It was paid for in cash.

Back in 2012 Hugh Grant appeared on a British talk show where he was asked about his foray into fatherhood.

‘Everyone was right all these years, saying, “Hugh, why don’t you have some children? It changes your life.” Now that I have a child, it is life-changing. I recommend it. Get some.’

Oh, what a difference a year or so makes. And it gets tackier, too. Both of Hugh Grant's baby mamas and his children live within walking distance of the actor. How nice. Perhaps Anna Elisabet Eberstein and Tinglan Hong could meet up for play dates in the park.

Hugh Grant made news several years ago for soliciting a hooker named Divine Brown. It certainly doesn't sound like he's learned to respect women any more since then.

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