Anna Duggar Is Reaching Her Breaking Point, Considers Divorce Amid Josh Duggar's Sex Scandals

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Before she went back to her parents’ home in Florida, Anna Duggar said she was still looking forward to spending her life with Josh Duggar.

This was after Josh admitted he molested five girls, including four of his sisters, and had been caught cheating through the Ashley Madison website.

These and the confessions of two porn actresses that they had sexual relations with Josh seem to have taken their toll on Anna's patience as she is now said to be considering filing for divorce.

“These new allegations have made her feel disgusted,” a source told Life & Style. “Anna is a loving woman and a devout Christian, but given what Josh has done, no one would be surprised if she decided she never wanted to see him again. Anna is now considering divorce and some of her siblings are expressing their support for that move. In fact, her brother, Daniel Keller, recently lead a divorce intervention, convincing her to leave Josh for good.

“Her siblings want her to leave and are hoping her time in Florida will help give her clarity,” said the source. “[Anna] is really starting to believe that divorce is the only option.”

Meanwhile, Josh has already gotten wind of the news that Anna is considering divorce, despite the fact that it is against their faith.

"When Josh heard that Anna was contemplating divorce, he flipped out," a source said. "He's been begging her not to leave him. He says he's determined to change, by the grace of God, and [he's] working hard to get to that place."

According to sources, Anna and Josh don’t speak on a regular basis ever since he entered rehab and their kids have already started to notice his absence.

“The kids have begun to question where Daddy is,” said one source. “But he wasn’t around that much, so it’s not that unusual.”

Anna is still living with her parents in Florida and focusing on her kids at the moment.

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