Anna Duggar Finally Moves Out...But She's Not Leaving Her Cheating Husband Yet

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When you find out that your husband is addicted to sex and porn, and admitted he cheated on you, the best thing to do is move out and move on.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Anna Duggar went back to her parents’ home in Florida after her husband, Josh Duggar’s scandal broke out, but what’s surprising is she’s not leaving him.

According to one insider, Anna is going through a tough time, especially after Josh had been reported missing when he failed to attend mandatory church services and meetings in the rehab he checked into.

“It’s a really stressful time for Anna. She’s being pulled in different directions.” a source revealed to

Because of that, Anna left their home in Arkansas and headed to her parents’ home in Florida, with her four kids in tow. Anna reportedly was in dire need of her parents’ care and support.

Although they took Anna in, her parents are said to be advising against separation and still think Anna and Josh should work it out. “Anna’s staying with her mom in Florida,” the source said. “She’s having a tough time and needed the support, so she took the kids and moved back in with her mom. Josh is still in rehab getting no doctor supervision whatsoever.” One source also told Touch that Anna feels incredibly alone, and her life has become a living hell.

“She’s sickened and embarrassed that Josh had carried on like this while he shared his home with her and their children,” the source said. “She couldn’t understand what was going through his head and how she did not know he is a sex addict”

Worst of all is Josh only called Anna once from the rehab since he checked in.

While it might sound like Anna is already leaving Josh, she’s still looking forward seeing him when visitation is already allowed in rehab and still wants to continue her life with him.

“She just prays that he gets the help he needs so they can go on with their life together, despite everything he did to her,” the source added.

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