Anna Chlumsky: "Veep" Role Enabled Her To Be Picky

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Anna Chlumsky has certainly come a long way from her years as the charming Vada Sultenfuss on 1991's My Girl. She now stars in HBO's hit TV series, Veep, with Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

She has definitely made a name for herself in that role, earning an Emmy nomination and all. That attention has recently given her the luxury of being able to be a little pickier about her roles.

She said of that new-found luxury, "I’ve certainly gotten to a point where I’m a little pickier, which may or may not be a good thing. I feel like it’s a good thing, but we’ll see what the wallet thinks. People have gotten to see some of what I do, which is what’s so nice. I’m not a stranger now. The big difference with the recognition is that when I go on an audition, I don’t feel like they’re testing my abilities as much as they’re just seeing if it’s a fit. So that’s nice."

Veep has not been the only project that Anna Chlumsky has been up to. When asked about her experience appearing on Hannibal she said, “I was happy to do something completely different. It stretches you just enough.”

Anna Chlumsky was great when the show began, and she just gets better with time in her role as. She was even TV Guide's Emmy pick for Best Supporting Actress!

TV Guide said of Anna Chlumsky's skills,

"We loved Chief of Staff Amy Brookheimer, but we love campaign manager Amy Brookheimer even more. Thanks to Selina's presidential bid, Chlumsky, who was nominated last year, has shone even brighter, as Amy tapped into her shrewd cunning in her own bid to oust Dan and be named campaign manager. And yes, she still gives good face."

Come July 10th, we shall see if voters agree with TV Guide when The Emmys roll around. Good luck to Anna Chlumsky!

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