Anna Cardwell Texts Hint That Grandmother Is Behind Mama June Lawsuit

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Anna Cardwell, AKA Chikadee from the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show that used to air on TLC, is battling with Mama June yet again over money.

Things have not gone well for Anna Cardwell since the Honey Boo Boo program was dropped from TLC's lineup amidst rumors of child molestation and endangerment surrounding the family.

Cardwell has in the past accused her mother of raiding her trust fund. Mama June responded that she was simply paying expenses for Cardwell from that trust fund. Late last year, TMZ ran a story with a photo showing Cardwell holding a check for $15,400 that supposedly was the remaining balance of her trust fun.

Mama June insisted at that time that she had only used Cardwell's money to pay Cardwell's bills, including utilities and rent.

Now Anna Cardwell is suing her mother and the TLC network over money she says is still owed to her for appearances on the Honey Boo Boo program.

The suit alleges that Mama June Shannon and her company Honey Boo Boo LLC were in control of money that should have gone into a trust fund for Cardwell. Cardwell seeks to recover $201,800 for herself and $99,500 for her daughter.

Mama June reminds TMZ that she gave Cardwell a $15,400 check last year, which she says was the end of the trust fund. She in turn alleges that her own mother, Sandra Hale, is behind Cardwell's current lawsuit. She believes that Cardwell did not want to sue her, but her grandmother pushed her into it.

TMZ says there are text messages between Anna Cardwell and another family member that indicate this.

"I did not hire the lawyer," Cardwell is said to have texted to the other family member. "My grandma did ... I know I can't get her money and that's what I tried to tell [my grandma's boyfriend]."

June says she has texts of her own from Anna Cardwell that read:

"I never really talked to [the lawyer] cause my grandma boyfriend talked the whole time and then kicked me out so he could talk to the guy. So Idk what was said behind closed door."

Anna Cardwell is expecting her second child with her husband Michael.

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