Ann Curry Treatment: Is Brian Williams In for the Same?

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Ann Curry was fired from her position as co-host of the Today show several years back, and is rarely seen on the network any more. Is this the same treatment Brian Williams will receive now that it's confirmed he won't return to NBC Nightly News, but will instead be replaced by Lester Holt on a permanent basis?

Us Weekly reported at the time that the last days Ann Curry spent at Today were 'torture,' and that the staff loved to pick on her.

Is this what Brian Williams is about to face?

In an interview with Matt Lauer--who was long blamed for the firing of Ann Curry--that aired on Today Friday morning, Williams admitted (finally) that he lied.

"I said things that weren't true," he told Lauer.

"Looking back, it had to have been ego that made me think I had to be sharper, funnier, quicker than anybody else, [to] put myself closer to the action, having been at the action in the beginning," he said. "I own this and I own up to this."

Word hasn't emerged as to the pay cut Brian Williams no doubt had to take with this huge demotion. In a like manner, word hasn't emerged as to whether Lester Holt will earn anywhere near what Williams's salary was when he anchored NBC Nightly News.

Do you suppose Ann Curry is quietly waiting in the wings, watching? Is she wondering if Brian Williams will receive the same treatment she received when she was so shamelessly demoted from her Today show anchor's chair?

Kimberly Ripley
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