Ann Curry 'Tortured' By Today Execs in Final Months


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Ann Curry's relationship with the Today show has been speculated about for nearly a year now. Her tearful goodbye in June 2012 left viewers sour, and led to the Today show falling behind Good Morning America in the morning show ratings war.

Though fans have been blaming Matt Lauer for ousting Curry from her anchor chair on Today, a new story has begun emerging, showing that Lauer was just one among many at the show that wanted, or were at least indifferent to, Curry's ousting.

The New York Times this week published an article about Curry's departure that was adapted from an upcoming book titled Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV. The article relates that Curry feels the "boys' club atmosphere" at Today had made her final months on the show "a form of professional torture."

The article describes Lauer as "indifferent" to Curry, and states that there was "a general meanness on set." As an example, Today show executive producer Jim Bell is said to have asked for a blooper reel of Curry's on-air gaffes, though he denies the accusation. In another example, staff made fun of a yellow dress Curry wore one morning, comparing her to the Sesame Street character Big Bird.