Aniston: Cupping Marks Spotted at L.A. Premiere

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Jennifer Aniston. The former Friends actress' love life, with all of its ups and downs, has been followed by the tabloids for years now, and her popularity doesn't seem to be diminishing. The star's clothing, hair choices, and nipples have also been the topic of conversation for over a decade. This week, the star was spotted at the premiere for the TV movie Call Me Crazy sporting marks from her latest cupping therapy session.

The Daily Mail spotted the marks in press photos from the event. Aniston was wearing a strapless black top with black shorts, and had put makeup on her back to try and disguise the round marks.

Having fully embraced acupuncture, cupping therapy is one of the popular new traditional Eastern alternative medicine procedures to have gained popularity in Hollywood. The procedure involves glass cups on a person's back being heated to create a partial vacuum. It leaves circular red bruises on the skin, which fade over time.

(Image courtesy Tom Sorensen/Wikimedia Commons)

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