Angry Dad Steps Over The line With Daughter's Coach

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Shelly S. Miller, father of a St. Stanislaus School girls basketball player stepped way over the line for punching his daughter's assistant basketball coach, Jeffrey Yackus. The Michigan City Dad lost his cool when he found out his daughter and another player had gotten into an argument during a practice and had been given laps.

Evidently, Miller approached the coach when he arrived at the gym last Wednesday sometime after three o'clock in the afternoon. After punching the assistant coach, Miller proceeded to climb on top of him and continued to pound the teacher until he fell into unconsciousness. After the head coach put an end to the beating, Yackus was taken to the hospital and treated for a concussion. The coach has been with the school for six years and teaches children from fifth grade to eight grade.

Miller was arrested two days later after the incident was investigated and the frenzied father was charged with a Class C felony battery and a $15,000 bond.

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