Angry Birds Trilogy Tells A Fowl Tale On Consoles Later This Year


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Angry Birds has proven to be a hit among the mobile crowd with its intuitive touch screen controls and charming characters. The console crowd has shown a bit more distaste to the games, however, since they see them as a threat to the console games they know and love. Rovio is going to convince them otherwise later this year.

Speaking to IGN, Rovio's Executive Vice President of Games Petri Järvilehto announced that consoles will be getting Angry Birds Trilogy later this year. The decision came from fans' desires to "play the game on their home console with their friends and family." The trilogy will contain the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. Unfortunately, Angry Birds Space will not be on the set. I would have loved to see an Angry Birds Quadrilogy set.

So what makes the console version of Angry Birds special compared to the mobile versions? The team at Rovio is building the games from the ground up to take advantage of the HD consoles. Järvilehto says that fans should consider the trilogy as the "ultimate collector's edition." He also says to expect "new cinematics, extras and other entertaining content" when the game launches later this year.

The actual game has been improved as well with animated and reactive backgrounds along with fancy new lighting and texture work that will prove to be a delight for the core Angry Birds fan. The game is obviously being targeted as the casual audience that owns a console, but Rovio feels that Angry Birds is a game that "resonates across a wide audience on many platforms."

You will be able to get Angry Birds Trilogy later this year on Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS. Interestingly enough, each version will take advantage of the special feature each console provides. That means Kinect support on Xbox 360, Move for PS3 and StreetPass on 3DS. I've always wondered how Angry Birds would work on Kinect so I can't wait to try it out.