Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Features The Droids

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We got our first look at Angry Birds: Star Wars gameplay earlier this week when Rovio revealed the Luke and Leia birds. Now Rovio has revealed another trailer that shows off some Droid gameplay. You'll find that R2-D2 and C3PO make for good birds.

The first trailer showed the more traditional Angry Birds gameplay taking center stage, but it appears that Rovio will be implementing the design of Angry Birds Space into the game as well. The Droid birds will fly through the gravity wells that Angry Birds Space was notorious for while trying to defeat the pig empire.

It's unknown what impact if any the recent acquisition of LucasFilm by Disney will do to any future games like this going into the future. During the conference call, Disney said that Star Wars games of the future will be primarily for social and mobile platforms. There's a good chance that Angry Birds: Star Wars and similar projects will be the norm for years to come.

Angry Birds Star Wars will be available on iOS and Android on November 8. It will come to other platforms later.

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