Angry Birds Rio Gets Power-Ups in New Update


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What started as a movie tie-in has become a full-fledged member of the Angry Birds game line-up. Angry Birds Rio may have been released almost two years ago, but Rovio isn't a developer that leaves their customers wanting for updates.

Soon, Angry Birds Rio will getting its latest update. In the past Angry Birds updates have usually only meant new levels to conquer, but the developers have been experimenting with a different playstyle lately, putting power-ups into the Facebook release of Angry Birds Star Wars. Similar new power-ups will now be available in Angry Birds Rio, giving players' birds all kinds of crazy South American-themed powers.

Players can have their birds don a fruit hat and shake things up with "Samba Burst" confetti, put explosives across the level with a "TNT Drop," and cause general mayhem with other new power-ups.