Angry Birds Land Coming To A China Near You


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Rovio is not happy with the amount of world domination that it has enjoyed so far. It scoffs at the billion downloads of its various Angry birds games. It guffaws at the studios it has purchased. They crow at their first theme park.

Rovio wants to move into the lucrative land of China to try to tap into potentially vast sources of revenue. They will start with plans to build activity parks around China in the next few years as part of its global strategy. Also they will put large retail fronts in stores throughout China so people can buy officially licensed merchandise.

"The activity parks are not like theme parks where people stand for two hours and ride for 10 minutes," said Rovio co-founder Peter Vesterbacka. "We want our fans to be part of the game."

He didn't go into specifics such as when they will open them or where they will open them, but he did add that "China is an extremely important market for us. It is a fast-growing market." China has become the second-largest market for Rovio in recent years. Vesterbacka said the company achieved triple digital growth since it entered the Chinese market. He did not reveal exact figures. It has been so big that they opened their first overseas office in Shanghai last year.

"Angry birds is the most copied brand in China. We are very happy to see there is a lot of demand. A lot of people love all things to do with Angry Birds but, so far, we haven't have a lot of official licensed products," said Vesterbacka. "That is something in which we are investing a lot this year. We are planning to open our stores very soon, starting in Beijing and Shanghai."

So we get to the real reason. There is so much merchandise being pushed around that Rovio wants a piece! Lets just hope that the Chinese government doesn't demand all of the secrets of Angry Birds like they tried to do to Google.