Angry Birds IPO To Come in Next Few Years

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The Finnish company that brought us the joy of hurling exploding black bomb-birds into crowned green pigs says they are eyeing an initial public offering within the next 3 to 4 years.

Chief Marketing Officer Peter Vesterbacka said that although they may be listed in the next several years, the aren't in any hurry.

As quoted at Reuters, Vesterbacka made a point to say that the hypothetical IPO is "a more meaningful direction than, for instance, selling the company."

Vesterbacka said that Rovio wants to become the world's top entertainment brand in 3 years.  He also said that he projects 2011 sales to thoroughly exceed those of 2010, possibly hitting at high as 100 million euros ($139 million).

Although Rovio becoming the world's leading entertainment brand in 3 years might be quite a stretch, there is much reason to celebrate for the company.  Just recently, they reported that Angry Birds has been downloaded over 140 million times.  In this report they thanked the iPhone for "creating the distribution"  and making it so "great games mattered."

And the popularity seems to be holding strong.  Earlier this year, the Angry Birds Rio chapter to the saga hit an impressive statistic.  It was downloaded 10 million times in 10 days upon release.

10 in 10:-) Angry Birds Rio breaking all records. A massive thanks to all our fans!!! 37 days ago via Twitter for iPad · powered by @socialditto

Recently, Rovio announced that it was planning on going after the Chinese mobile market.  They say they want 100 million downloads in China, which is definitely probable due to the large population, with many of that population using mobile devices.

So, barring a robot uprising that destroys man, Rovio may go public in the next few years.  If the machines do become sentient, it will most likely be Rovio's fault in part - check out this robot playing Angry Birds.

Aw, it thinks it's people.  KILL IT.  KILL IT NOW.

Remember, I warned you.

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