Angry Birds Creators Start New Game Studio: Boomlagoon

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Two key Angry Birds creators, Antti Sten, lead server architect and Thuosas Erikoinen, lead artist, have left Rovio to create a new studio called Boomlagoon, VentureBeat is reporting.

Boomlagoon will also utilize the mobile platform for game development. From their Facebook page: "Our primary area of services are web and mobile games. We concentrate on providing convivial and intriguing games to our fans." Triple word score for convivial. They will begin by programming in HTML5, for both web and mobile platforms.

For Boomlagoon, Sten will act as chief executive, with Erikonnen acting as cheif creative officer. Both played integral roles in the creation of Angry Birds. Sten was responsible for building the server infrastructure. Erikoinen was the lead artist for the first three installments of Angry Birds, and supervised Angry Birds Space.

"I focus on the essential while maintaining the balance between efficiency and reason. I prefer an analytical approach on any given challenge," says Antti Sten, on Boomlagoon's welcome page.

"I keep my mind open with a humble 'nothing-is-impossible' attitude. I'm positive on every aspect of my life and I intend to apply the same mental method on every decision I make," says Tuomas Erikoinen.

Right now the company only consists of the two founders, but they plan to hire more people. Rovio grew from 12 people to 300 during their involvement with the company so they do have experience in growing a business. Sten says their experience with startups will prove useful in founding and running this new venture.

According to VentureBeat, the idea for Boomlagoon began over a poker game, with the discussion continuing over a drink. They have not raised any money for the project yet, but they are in the process of finding investors.

According to a tweet from the company account this morning, they are official underway...

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