Angie Harmon Broke Character When Sasha Alexander Wore This

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Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander have worked together for five seasons on Rizzoli &Isles, so it's no surprise that they're close. Close enough, in fact, that Harmon isn't afraid to give unsolicited fashion advice to her co-star.

The duo have been friends long enough that they finish each other's sentences, which left Harmon comfortable enough to call out her friend when she wore a questionable pair of shoes on set.

"We were in rehearsal and I look down in literally the middle of the scene and I'm like, 'Listen, Maura, you, um, what are those?' I completely came out of character when I saw her shoes. She's like, 'They're Birkenstocks.' I'm like, 'No, those have to go. You can't wear those ever again. I can't even rehearse with you right now.' But Celine just came out with these 'Birkenstocks' lined with fur. I went in, bought a pair — not cheap — just to play a joke on her because my favorite thing is to make her laugh. I walked into the set and said, 'Well, hello. If you're going to wear Birkenstocks, they need to look like these,'" Harmon said.

The show--which has just been picked up for another season by TNT--was ranked number one in basic cable shows over the summer and stars the friends as crime-fighting partners on the mean streets of Boston.

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