Angelina Jolie Named an Honorary Dame by Queen

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Angelia Jolie can add a royal title to her resume. The Oscar-winning Hollywood star has just been named an honorary dame by Queen Elizabeth II for her humanitarian work combating sexual violence in war zones.

Jolie spent most of last week in London as the co-chair of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. After giving the keynote speech on raising awareness of sexual violence, Jolie was named an honorary dame. (Because Angelina is not British born, she won't be able to use the "dame" title before her name, however.)

Other U.S. honorary knights include Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and Ronald Reagan. Jolie was among a hundred others who also received recognition by the queen for their service this week, most being soldiers and civil servants.

Being knighted as a dame isn't all Angelina has to celebrate; her latest film, Maleficent, just crossed the $500 million threshold and was named her highest-grossing film of all time. Her previous best film was Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which took $478 million in 2005. Domestically, Maleficent took in $186 million, and a whopping $335 internationally, making the film a global phenomenon, despite reviews criticizing the weak storyline and plot. These numbers prove the power that the Disney brand holds over a dedicated global fan base.

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