Android Marketplace Is Tebow Country


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In case you haven't heard or perhaps if you're just not an NFL fan, there's a guy named Tim Tebow that has a negligible amount of footballing talent. He is a quarterback, which is the guy that throws a football to other guys on his team. He has helped his team, the Denver Broncos, win football games this year. People know his name because he plays football but now people like me who don't even really watch NFL know him for a much more notable accomplishment: gifting society with the act of Tebowing. It's a pretty popular fad these days but in case you aren't yet an initiate, Daniel Tosh offers a studied explanation for this motion:

So yeah, once you've been lampooned with a mocking cultural phenomenon, you're pretty well-known. You've arrived. Android users might have noticed all of this talk of Tebowing because of the ridiculous amount of apps about Tim Tebow in Android Marketplace. Well, there's only 6 (or 8 ) but that's still more than all of the NFL's 2012 Pro Bowl quarterbacks combined (Google tells me that the Pro Bowl is a pretty sweet honor). Android Central explains:

There's "Tim Tebow." (with a period). "Tim Tebow" (without a period). "Tim Tebow!" (because dude deserves an exclamation point). The "Tim Tebow Unofficial App." "Tim Tebow News & Stats." And our favorite (although likely a little offensive to some), "You-R-Tebow," in which your face is planted on top of the genuflecting QB's body.

That's more than a half-dozen Tim Tebow Android apps. Guess how many the wonder boy Tom Brady has? Two. And his fellow 2012 Pro Bowlers don't fare much better. Aaron Rodgers (3). Drew Brees (2). Eli Manning (1). And poor Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers don't even merit a single app. (Not even a search for "meathead" turns up any results for those two.)

It appears that most of these apps give you real news and information about Tim Tebow as well as quotes (because he has said things) and player statistics. Apparently at few people actually like this football player, too, because there's more than two or three downloads of each of these apps (that You-R-Tebow app is a bit disappointing with how few installs it has, but I guess people like interpretive Tebowing than superimposed Tebowing). So yeah, all you Android users, enjoy the Tebowness for the next couple of weeks before the next non-ironic ironic meme rolls out of the Internet that you can use to impress your friends in the new year.