Android Beats iOS In Number of Facebook Users


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AppData, a research firm specializing in tracking application metrics and trends, has released a report showing that more people access Facebook from their Android devices than do so from their iOS devices. The study, which collected data for November and December 2011, shows that Facebook for Android had 58,800,000 daily active users at the end of the study, while Facebook for iPhone had 57,700,000 daily active users.

The study also shows that the iPhone had a lead in daily active users at the beginning of November, and that Facebook for iPhone usage increased over the period of the study. Facebook for Android, however, grew more rapidly, taking the lead at the very end of the study period.

Apple vs. Android DAU

The monthly active user data paints a slightly different picture, however. While Android still grew faster than iPhone during the study period, iPhone usage remained significantly higher. At the close of the study Facebook for Android had 86,500,000 monthly active users, while Facebook for iPhone had 99,800,000 monthly active users.

Apple vs. Android MAU

Though the news is not earth-shattering in itself, it is reflective of recent data showing a steady increase in Android’s smartphone market share. A study by Gartner last month showed Android held 52.5% of the global smartphone market, while a Nielsen study recently found that Android and Apple have 43% and 28% of the market, respectively.