Andrea Constand: DA Believed Cosby Accusations In 2005

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Andrea Constand was largely the subject of Bill Cosby's pre-trial hearing in Norristown, PA on Tuesday.

The hearing has gone into the second day on Wednesday, and the big news about Andrea Constand from the first day is making the rounds in news outlets.

Andrea Constand accused Bill Cosby, back in 2005, of giving her pills at his house which knocked her out and said he then sexually assaulted her.

Andrea Constand said that it started when he invited her to his Cheltenham home. She said that he then gave her pills when she complained she was stressed out.

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Then she got dizzy and Cosby began "touching her breast and placing her hand on his penis," according to a police report.

Andrea Constand is the former director of operations for the Temple University women's basketball team.

Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce L. Castor, Jr declined to bring charges against Cosby on Andrea Constand's behalf back in 2005 due to "inconsistencies" within her story and her actions before and after the alleged assault.

However, in court on Tuesday, Castor admitted that he believed Andrea Constand's story, despite her credibility being ruined.

He testified, "I believed Ms. Constand's account. What I think and what is provable in a courtroom are two different things. What I think is that Andrea Constand was inappropriately touched by Mr. Cosby."

He added, "I'm analyzing back in 2005 what I can prove. All of those combined together in my mind created a situation where she had ruined her own credibility and would not be believed by a juror. That does not mean she was not telling the truth."

Bill Cosby later settled the lawsuit with Andrea Constand.

The case involving Andrea Constand brought on a flood of now over 50 women who have come forward claiming that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them in some way.

What do you think of the news that this former District Attorney actually believed Andrea Constand back in 2005, but didn't press charges?

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