Andrea Bocelli, Juanes to Join Philadelphia Orchestra in Performance for Pope Francis

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Andrea Bocelli and Juanes will join the Philadelphia Orchestra in performing for Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia in September. The pope is traveling to the U.S. to attend the World Meeting of Families there on September 26th. This will mark the first time Pope Francis has visited the U.S. during his papacy.

The World Meeting of Families is an event held every three years. Its aim is to strengthen family bonds globally. In choosing who would perform at the Festival, the notion was to “bring together performers that represented the world,” executive director Donna Crilley Farrell said.

Andrea Bocelli, an Italian tenor, and Juanes, a Colombian pop singer, are no doubt both thrilled and honored to have been asked to sing.

"Our most important mission in this voyage of life is learning how to love, and what better way to do it than through family,” Juanes said. “I’m deeply honored to sing for Pope Francis.”

Juanes and Andrea Bocelli join a very small list of singers who have performed for popes in recent history. Gloria Stefan sang for Pope John Paul II in 1995, Argentina’s Diego Torres performed for the same pope in 2003, and Mexico’s Lucero also sang for Pope John II in 1997.

Argentinian soap opera star Martina Sotessel sang for Pope Francis in Rome just last year.

It is uncertain how Andrea Bocelli and Juanes were chosen, but it is definitely a huge honor to be asked to sing for a pope.

Surely their performances for Pope Francis will be televised and/or recorded for all to see and hear.

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