Andre the Giant Cat Gets Internet Attention, Helps Adoptions

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Andre the Giant is alive and well in Fairplay, Colorado.

Well, Andre the Giant cat is alive and well. High Paw Pet Supplies in the Colorado town has caught viral attention after taking in a cat that weighs in at over 25 pounds.

Miyuki Takeda, owner of High Paw Pet Supplies, also runs Animal Rescue of the Rockies' Cat Casita, a cat sanctuary in the bottom of the store. They took in the huge cat that had been wandering around downtown, attracting attention.

Once the store took the cat in, they got loads of requests to adopt him. But the vet said Andre needed to sty in for a bit. Apparently his weight was down to 20 pounds and he needed to fatten up some more.

"Within a month of us having him, people coming in to see him and to visit, the adoption rate for the rescue skyrocketed," Takeda said of the popular cat, named after Andre the Giant, the professional wrester who also starred in the film The Princess Bride.

There has been a lot of guessing about what breed of cat Andre the Giant Cat is.

"When he first came to us, he showed a lot of signs — he acts like a hybrid," Takeda said. "We think perhaps he has Savannah in him — those are huge cats." Apparently there is a Savannah breeder in Fairplay. But Andre the Giant is bigger than any of the cats he has.

Andre the Giant Cat even escaped the store once after his arrival. But he was right back in the store in short order.

"We did set out two live cat traps," she said. "Sunday morning, he was in the trap in the front door. He knew where home was, which is good."

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