Andie MacDowell: 'I’ve Been Very Open and Honest With My Children On What Not to Do'

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Andie MacDowell says she is straight up honest with her kids when it comes to helping them make choices that could affect their lives.

The 56-year-old actress, who currently stars on the Hallmark Channel’s series Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove, told Entertainment Weekly magazine that she had a wholesome upbringing and enjoyed watching some of the more wholesome shows on television in the 70's.

"My mother and I used to watch Maude, and I think she loved Maude because my mother wanted to see strong women out there with a voice. Marcus Welby, M.D., The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie. Honestly, I didn’t sit around and watch a lot of television. I’ve always been a very active person. But if you could get me to sit down, I loved watching Maude with her."

The L'Oreál spokeswoman said that while wholesome television shows were staples in her home, she still had a penchant for hard rock. Her 19-year-old daughter, Margaret Qualley, currently works with Liv Tyler on The Leftovers and seems to share her mother's penchant for hard rock.

“She went to see Aerosmith. And I did go see Aerosmith when I was in high school,” MacDowell told EW. “I was a hard rocker when I was in high school. Not very me now, but I was diggin’ it, big time.”

MacDowell says she is not in the least afraid to share her experiences with her children if it will help them make the right choices as they navigate the crazy world of Hollywood as teenagers.

“I’ve been very open and honest with my children on what not to do. I told them the truth: there are a lot of things I wish I hadn’t [done]. I was straight by the time I was in the eleventh grade—and that’s a pretty scary comment—but I did go see Aerosmith in the tenth grade,” she said.

“I was not legally drinking, but I was drinking." she continued. "We drank tequila, and there were three of everybody by the time I got to the concert. I went to the bathroom, and I thought it was very strange that everybody parted when I walked in. But thank goodness I got that out of my system really fast, and by the time I was in my senior year, I was making really good grades and I had my act together….We’re laughing about it now, but it really was sad. I regretted it.”

Despite her attempts to model wholesome behavior, the actress conceded to People magazine that she sometimes lets the odd curse word slip.

So when did she last curse? "Two days ago," she told People. "I never did when my kids [Justin, 28, Rainey, 25, and Margaret, 19] were little, and then I got into a bad habit. I'm working superhard to stop. I try to say 'shucks' and 'dad-gum' to the best of my ability."

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