Amy Van Dyken Using Social Networks To Recover


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Amy Van Dyken-Rouen had always enjoyed using social networks to talk to fans and friends, but it wasn't until she was recovering from surgery that she found out how useful social networking could really be.

Amy was involved in an all-terrain vehicle accident on June 6, severing her spine and leaving her with no feeling in her legs.

She was rushed into surgery and although she made it through alright, doctors weren't sure how successful the surgery was or if Amy would regain the feeling in her legs.

The day after her surgery, while still in the recovery room, Amy posted photos of herself and her family members on Instagram. She also shared a photo of a drawing that her niece and nephew had made for her.

She continued to post photos throughout her recovery, including one of her in a hospital bed and another of her sitting up for the first time after her surgery.

Social networking has become therapeutic for Amy and she uses the positive feedback she gets on the sites to heal emotionally and mentally.

"She sends stuff out there and gets so much positive energy and positive feedback that I really think it helps her a whole lot," said Amy's husband, a former punter for the Denver Broncos. "It's also been good to be able to have a distraction with everything that's going on."

Amy still has a long road of recovery ahead of her and is currently in rehab. With her newfound motivation and positive outlook on life, Amy's chances of recovery are high and it is possible that she may even swim again in the future.

Do you think social networks have more positive benefits or negative ones?

Image via Instagram