Amy Schumer: Marriage And Kids Aren't "Realistic" For Her

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Amy Schumer is a lot of things, and she wants to be more. The comedian and actress says that when she looks several years down the road, she sees herself being creative in some way, doing things she's never tried before. What she doesn't see is a husband and kids.

"I would love those things, but I don't really see it for myself. I hope that happens, but I don't know how realistic it is," Schumer told Barbara Walters.

Schumer says that rather than settling down with a family, the first place her mind went to when asked about the future was her career. And in a business where women are often expected to want a job and a family--and a business sorely lacking in females when it comes to directors and lead, fully realized roles--that's quite a goal.

Of course, with her recent successes--which include her film Trainwreck and a hit Comedy Central sketch show--Amy can just about take her pick of projects in the future, as well as her title within them. She even made a cameo appearance on Saturday Night Live with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, and those are some bragging rights.

En fuego

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The price of fame has been a big one, however. After Trainwreck opened in Louisiana, a gunman opened fire at a showing of it and killed two women, injuring nine others. The tragedy led Amy to seek out stricter gun control laws, which she is currently working on with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer.

"I've gotten death threats for almost ten years, just from doing stand up. Did this animal seek out my movie? From the way he felt about women, it sounds like he did. If I can help at all, I'm going to try. Even if that means I'll get hurt," Schumer told Walters.

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