Amy Robach Plans Her Return To Television


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Amy Robach was diagnosed with cancer recently, and was forced to leave her position as a host of Good Morning America.

It seems that her cancer has even spread since her fans last had an update, but the prognosis was good, and she is doing everything that she can in order to stay positive.

The Good Morning America talk show host was diagnosed with cancer, after receiving an on-air mammogram.

It was the first ever mammogram that had been done on the air, and the 40-year-old talk Amy Robach had no idea just how helpful it would be to her.

The procedure was intended to raise awareness about the disease, with the hope that viewers would want to go out and get tasted as well.

She is very lucky to be able to have caught it when she did, and the mammogram that she did simply as a television event may have saved her life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, and undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, she plans to make a speedy return to the air on December 2nd.

Cancer survivor Robin Roberts was the one who convinced Robach to do the mammogram because it would help save lives, but she had no idea that it would be her own. She is happy about her decision to get the bilateral mastectomy, and said that it turned out to be the right course of action, because her doctor discovered a second tumor during the process.

While this is not a good sign, she has said that the prognosis is good, and she is certainly glad that it was discovered when it was. Amy Robach's cancer has spread to her sentinel lymph node, causing her to need more treatments, however she will not let that have an effect on her work.

The ABC News talk show host has certainly been through a lot, but as she is doing everything to look at things in a positive light, she said "Physically and emotionally I have been through the ringer, but I am emerging on the other side so much stronger. I have a greater appreciation for life, for health and for how such simple acts of kindness can be so incredibly powerful."

Amy Robach is excited to be able to get back to work, and thanks all of her fans and friends for the love and support that she has received since finding out about her cancer.

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