Amy Purdy Sent to Hospital After DWTS Performance


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Amy Purdy and Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough wowed the crowd and the judges with their performance last night, but left Purdy with a trip to the hospital.

Last night was Latin Night on the show, meaning that each contestant shimmied and shook their way through Latin-style dances, such as the tango and salsa.

Purdy and Hough performed a sensual rumba to a slow rendition of the Doors’ “Light My Fire,” and earned 36 out of 40 points for their dance. The pair continues to impress with their technique and chemistry, and caused head judge Len Goodman, who is known to be tough, to gush.

“You lit my fire,” exclaimed Goodman. “First out, first class!”

Guest judge Ricky Martin also had a few words of praise for the pair.

“You were stunning,” said the singer. “You made me feel a lot of things.”

Watch the performance, here:

The good news came to a halt, however, shortly after the performance. Purdy revealed to co-host Erin Andrews that she hurt her shoulder and back during the dance and was in a great deal of pain. Purdy was in so much discomfort that she told Andrews it hurt to breathe.

"My shoulder's been bothering me a little bit,” Purdy explained. “It's been fine, though, just kind of sore. And then right after judging I turned my head and my back cracked and it just seized up and everything's really painful right now. It's hard to breathe."

Many took to Twitter to show their support:

Purdy was taken to the hospital and was unable to perform in the team dance competition later in the show. After last week’s show, the remaining pairs were split into two groups, Team Vida and Team Loca, and created dances to Martin songs. Because Purdy was absent, the judges watched footage from the dress rehearsal to come up with their scores, instead of watching it live like they could for the other team. Purdy’s team, Team Loca, still ended up beating out Team Vida.

This week was tough for many contestants. Danica McKellar broke a rib while rehearsing, Meryl Davis injured her wrist and Charlie White hurt his knee.

Who said dancing was easy?

Image via Dancing With the Stars, Twitter