Amy Poehler On New Movie: "I've Basically Been Paid For Being Happy"

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Amy Poehler sat down for an interview recently about her new film Inside Out, and the Parks And Recreation alum says that although she took her job really seriously, she had a blast.

Poehler told the Seattle Times that the Pixar film--which has been in the works for several years now--is unlike anything the company has done before, and she is so proud to have been a part of it. As Joy, Poehler plays a perpetually upbeat character who makes up the happy emotions of an 11-year old girl. The part called for her to be buoyant and lively most of the time, but she says there are moments when she becomes a bit more grounded, and those were so important.

“My biggest fear, or I guess the thing I wanted to make sure of, was that Joy was someone you root for. She comes out guns a-blazin’, or I should say accordion a-blazin’, and she comes hard out of the gate. When she slows down and hits some minor keys, I wanted the audience to be able to feel that," Poehler said. “This movie is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s unlike anything Pixar has ever done. We’ve been working on this for several years, and I’ve basically been paid for being happy. I feel like at the end of the day I’m going to be handed a bill.”

It sounds like Joy is a bit like Amy's former alter ego, Leslie Knope, which will please fans. For Amy, one of the best things about the film is not just that it focuses on a female protagonist, but one who is at such a good age.

“I love the age Riley is. At that moment you are all possibilities and open-faced.”

The film explores new territory inside Riley's subconscious as her emotions begin to change with the move into the awkward time that most pre-teens experience. Inside Out hits theaters June 19.

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