Amy Poehler Helps Seth Meyers With Debut

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Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers have a shared history stemming from their "Saturday Night Live" days when they manned the news desk, so it wasn't much of a surprise that Meyers tapped his old friend to be one of his very first guests on "Late Night With Seth Meyers".

"You are going to do such a wonderful job," Poehler said. "I have watched you for 13 years pretend to listen to people."

The duo reminisced a bit with a photo of their first days on the set of SNL and traded shots with Fred Armisen, who has taken over as Meyers' band leader. While some think Meyers seemed a bit stiff and uncomfortable--even nervous--during his monologue, it could have just been opening night jitters. And you have to admit, the "Late Night" set is a lot bigger than the space he's used to occupying; it's a whole different ball game when you have an entire production riding on your shoulders rather than just one sketch. Also, he's got some big, Jimmy Fallon-sized shoes to fill.

Guests Poehler and Vice President Joe Biden helped the debut episode flow easily, with Biden even admitting that although he had planned to make a big announcement about his future plans on the show, he ultimately decided against it.

"Tonight's YOUR night. So I hope you'll invite me back," he said.

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